Message from Our Principal

Dr. Terry Burwell

I am thrilled and excited to have joined Beaconhouse Al-Khaleej International School (BAKIS), and I am looking forward to spending many years here at the school. We have undergone considerable change in the last 24 months, and I am deeply thrilled to be part of the direction we are headed in together. I believe in educating the whole child, inculcating environmental awareness, responsibility and leadership and in enriching and extending both in the curriculum and in the extra-curriculum.

I love to grow all aspects of our calendar, curriculum and co-curricular programs to ensure we inspire and extend all students with leadership and service opportunities aplenty, whether it be in the performing arts, art, and design, languages, literature, history, geography, science, computer science, technology, engineering, mathematics, sport, outward bound activity, Model United Nations, community service, environmental work or entrepreneurship.

I believe learners should have a life plan and that teachers and parents working together as life coaches can help ensure all students develop very joyful and healthy work hard – play hard habits as the means of developing their grit, and other desirable learner traits and realizing their dreams through a commitment to their life plan. Through conceptual understanding, competency learning, and character development, we can weave outdoor education, sports, performing arts and art into our academically rigorous curriculum. In doing so, we will afford real depth and breadth to the ways in which we can nurture great character and enable students to secure the best of educational outcomes, places at their universities of choice and the determination to pursue their chosen path with passion.

My moral compass embraces trust, respect, integrity, and caring. It is with this embrace that I tirelessly work ensuring equity for all students; promoting student mental and physical well-being; enhancing parental and community confidence in the schools I serve by nurturing students to become confident, capable, and caring citizens. Moreover, I take great pride in helping students achieve high levels of academic performance and acquiring the skills they need to become productive citizens of our world. As a current Adjunct Professor in Higher Education, I know firsthand the skills that tomorrow’s students, today, need to be successful. I retired from Ontario’s public-school system on December 31, 2018, after spending 26 incredible years serving the students of Ontario, Canada. Of those 26 years, I spent the last 21 years as Principal so I can assure you that I bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to the role here at BAKIS. A quote that has resonated with me throughout my career is this, “Alone we can do little but together we can do much.” I look forward to doing much with the BAKIS community in the months and years ahead.
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