Career Education & Guidance

Although we are still in progress with creating connections between intelligent partners we want to share with you what and how this initiative will help senior students with career choices and guidance.

BAKIS TIES UP With Intelligent Partners

  • The enhanced career assessment services will start in the early years of secondary education. Students will have access to productive one-on-one counselling and focused psychometric testing based on personality type, learning style and leading modes of intelligence, which will enable them to identify their future careers and plan their study path accordingly. On the study abroad opportunities, services will include the building of relationships with universities worldwide, thereby opening the doors for students to apply with confidence, complete application processing and support documentation including references and essays as well as organization of travel and visa arrangements.
  • Realizing the financial implications of studying locally or abroad, the partnership will set up a scholarship and financial aid subsidiary which will ensure that deserving students are not limited by economic hardships from pursuing their studies in their chosen institution of higher education.

BAKIS Partnership with British council

  • The British Council IELTS Partnership Programme is a membership scheme for organizations that register and prepare candidates for IELTS. It’s been designed to show appreciation for the support that your institution offers us.

Our Social Worker:

 Ms Zainab Saleh

With experience in helping children with all their concerns related to the school day, Ms Zainab also provides career consoling and guidance with the help of the vice principal. Ms Zainab is a favorite amongst students at BAKIS and truly supports all student matters.